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HVAC Preventive Maintenance Service

Preventative maintenance is a key component of professional condominium property management. Our team will conduct regular reviews of the mechanical and physical needs of your property in order to ensure proper upkeep is delivered. Most issues can be avoided with proper planning and maintenance services. The best property management companies install a detailed preventive maintenance program to help avoid potential issues rather than react to them.


Most typical multi-residential buildings such as condominiums, apartments, and hotels use an in-suite combination heating and air conditioning HVAC system.  The units have a number of internal mechanical and electrical components which require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation.   Inefficient operation will affect its cooling/heating performance and leave the suite owner with comfort issues. Palladium Energy Group services all models and manufactures of in-suite units. We provide regular maintenance, and repair, and replace the following types of in-suites HVAC units:

  • Heat Pump
  • Fan Coil Unit
  • HRV
  • Furnaces 
  • Air Conditioner

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